Why I Became a Christian

Torn Nest

Sultan Muhammed Paul

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This booklet contains the testimony of an Afghani Muslim who became a Christian after considering what this faith had to offer compared to what he had been brought up in. The author concentrates on his encounters and controversies with Christians. Being convinced in their doctrines; he reveals how he found salvation in Jesus Christ. 

The modern man

groans under the weight of false conceptions regarding family, communal, and national excellence. These false conceptions, which are easily discernible in all types of individuals and at all levels of society, issue from self-centredness which is called the depravity of man in religious language. This inner corruption is essentially rooted in the human heart and reveals itself in opposition to the welfare of the whole of society. Moreover, it manifests itself in rebellion against the Holy and Living God.

The poisonous effects of sin

have so corrupted men’s hearts that, in spite of their awareness of its evil, they enjoy it and freely indulge in it. It was this fundamental problem of sin and the search for freedom from its guilt and bondage which confronted Sultan Muhammed Paul.

There may be those who choose to overlook the problem of sin and the way to salvation. They prefer to veil the condition of their hearts from themselves and others, though they well know that the hidden things of the heart are open to the inspection of God. For such persons, this story will have little relevance.

Yet, there are others who are deeply concerned about sin and salvation in their own lives as well as the lives of their fellow men. For them, this booklet will help in the examination of their own experiences in light of those of Sultan Muhammed Paul. May it prove to be a source of guidance and blessing from the Living God for all who ponder its contents.


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