Devastating Earthquake Hits Turkey And Syria

Devastating Earthquake Hits Turkey And Syria In Focus By Atharv Sharma Published Feb 07 2023 Hindustan Times I

According To The U.S. Geological Survey The Earthquake Was Centred In Southern Turkey Close To The Northern Border With Syria And It Occurred At A Depth Of 18 Kilometres Credits: Afp

The Combined Death Toll Stands At More Than 3800 For The Turkey-Syria Earthquake Reports News Agency Afp Credits: Afp

The Region Experienced 13 Major Aftershocks With A Magnitude Of At Least 5 In The First 11 Hours After The Initial Quake Credits: Reuters

According To Researchers The Earthquake Was A Strike-Slip Quake In Which Two Tectonic Plates Passed One Another Horizontally Rather Than Moving Up And Down Credits: Afp

The East Anatolian Fault Zone Where The Earthquake Occurred Is A Seismically Active Region That Has Previously Been The Source Of Destructive Earthquakes Credits: Reuters

Building Collapses Were Reported In Cities Including Diyarbakir Turkey And Aleppo Syria Credits: Reuters

In January 2020 Turkey Experienced Another Major Earthquake Of Magnitude 6.7 That Significantly Damaged The Country Credits: Afp

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