Three Sisters Start Kindergarten Together After a Decade of Hiding in Fear

 Giving Hope through Education

In a world where education is often taken for granted, there are still countless children who are deprived of this fundamental right. Among them are three courageous sisters, known as the Nasir Sisters, whose journey towards education began later than most. Despite facing adversity and living in an environment hostile to their faith, these sisters have not only overcome challenges but also found hope and empowerment through education. This article tells their inspiring story and sheds light on the transformative power of education in their lives.

The bare and basic rooms at VoC’s Living Hope Center School provide education and compassion to 115 children.


Overcoming Adversity to Pursue Education

A Childhood Denied

For the Nasir Sisters, the path to education was marred by financial struggles and limited access to schools. Their father had long abandoned them, leaving their mother, Nazia Bibi, as the sole provider for their family. Working as a maidservant, she faced numerous hardships, including the daily struggle to provide enough food for her daughters. As Christians in Pakistan, their options for schooling were limited due to discrimination and societal pressure.


Seeking a Brighter Future

Despite the challenging circumstances, the Nasir Sisters refused to accept their fate as uneducated individuals. Their thirst for knowledge remained unquenched, and they longed for an opportunity to break free from the cycle of poverty and ignorance. After learning of their story, Voice of Christians (VoC) extended a helping hand to these young girls, providing them with the support they needed to pursue an education.

Sherish (10), Fairy (11), and Mary (14) Nasir.  These sisters started Kindergarten together and were given a new chance at life in the Living Hope Center School.


Embracing New Beginnings at Living Hope Center School

Breaking Barriers and Starting Kindergarten

The Nasir Sisters’ journey towards education took an unexpected turn when they joined the Living Hope Center School in Karachi. Despite starting kindergarten at ages where most students would be nearly finishing their studies, these resilient sisters embraced this new chapter in their lives with open hearts and minds. In the nurturing environment of Living Hope Center School, we pray they will find solace, love, and the opportunity to grow academically and personally.


Flourishing in a Loving Environment

Within the walls of Living Hope Center School, the Nasir Sisters have the opportunity to thrive, thanks to the supportive community that surrounds them. They have discovered the joy of learning and formed bonds with fellow students and compassionate teachers. The school became a safe haven, where they could express themselves freely and explore their interests. Through access to quality education, the Nasir Sisters have now embarked on a journey of self-discovery, discovering their talents, passions, and aspirations.


Dreams, Determination, and Faith

Mary’s Ambition to Serve and Protect

At the age of 14, Mary, the eldest of the Nasir Sisters, harbors a dream of becoming a police officer. With a strong sense of justice and a desire to serve her community, Mary sees a future where she can make a positive impact and ensure the safety of others. Despite her late start in education, Mary remains determined to overcome any obstacles that come her way, fueled by her unwavering faith and the support she receives from Living Hope Center School.


Fairy’s Aspirations in Medicine


Eleven-year-old Fairy dreams of becoming a doctor, driven by her compassion for others and a deep-rooted desire to help those in need. Despite never having held a doll or experienced some of the simple pleasures of childhood, Fairy has immersed herself in the world of knowledge, particularly the Old Testament books, which she has memorized. With resilience and determination, Fairy is ready to conquer the challenges on her path towards achieving her dreams. She has simple dreams too, like owning a doll.  She has never held one.


Sherish’s Passion for Teaching and Art


The youngest of the Nasir Sisters, 10-year-old Sherish, holds within her heart a passion for teaching. She aspires to become an educator who can shape young minds and empower future generations with knowledge. In addition to her love for teaching, Sherish also finds solace and joy in art. Though she lacks painting supplies, her creativity knows no bounds, allowing her imagination to run wild even with limited resources. We hope to help provide her with the supplies she needs to further this new-found passion. 

The VoC Living Hope Center School Promotion in April 2024.  


The Impact of Voice of Christians (VoC)

Empowering Students with Free Education


Voice of Christians (VoC) plays a vital role in enabling students like the Nasir Sisters to access education and pursue their dreams. Through sustainable support, VoC covers the educational expenses, including teaching materials, supplies, and basic needs of these students. By lifting the financial burden off their shoulders, VoC creates an environment where education becomes not only accessible but also transformative.

Supporting the Living Hope Center School


Living Hope Center School serves as a beacon of hope for over 115 children, offering them a safe and nurturing Christian environment in which they can flourish academically, emotionally, and spiritually. Through their ongoing contributions, donors have the opportunity to support students like the Nasir Sisters and enable them to unlock their full potential. With just $50 a month, VoC ensures that one student receives the necessary education, supplies, and care to thrive.

The journey of the Nasir Sisters showcases the power of education in transforming lives and providing hope for a better future. Despite starting their educational journeys later than most, these sisters have displayed immense resilience, determination, and faith, proving that it is never too late to pursue dreams and make a positive impact on the world. Voice of Christians (VoC) and Living Hope Center School serve as beacons of hope, empowering children who face adversity with access to quality education and a nurturing environment.

To contribute and become a part of this transformative movement, consider making an ongoing monthly donation to Voice of Christians (VoC) or other organizations dedicated to providing education for all. Together, we can make a difference and empower future generations of Christians through the gift of knowledge.

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