A Somali Christian faces deportation to the country she escaped from

When there is a seminar, I run from home. I took my clothes, put them in my bag… when I came back I was beaten [by my brothers] but If you ask me why I’m doing this, I don’t know why.”


Victoria”, a Somali woman, born in a Muslim community, reached out to VOC to ask for help to rescue her and her children. She embraced Christianity and defied societal norms by escaping a forced marriage. As she would go to Church and then return home, her brothers would beat her, and her family rejected her, but she continued to pray and seek God for “reasons she didn’t know”.  Challenges and persecution have marked her journey, yet she has remained steadfast in her faith, inspiring others.  She spoke boldly and has been sharing her story through her YouTube Channel.

After fleeing Somalia and residing in Kenya for some time, she faced deportation threats back to Somalia, where she would certainly be persecuted or killed. In fear for her safety, she sought refuge in Tanzania. Despite hardships and active death threats from authorities and the public, she continues to live out her Christian beliefs courageously.

In April 2024, we received an urgent message from her:

Victoria has faced unimaginable challenges because of her faith. She grew up in a Muslim family with a lot of hardships. She suffered extreme persecution from her brothers and husband but she fought hard for her faith and her dreams.

The first steps to freedom, and persecution…..

Her husband found the Bible that she had been hiding so he locked her up and refused to feed her. Victoria was able to escape with one of her three children. They went to Kenya without any possessions and started a new life— but it was not easy for her. They slept on the floor and she worked different jobs every day. She later found out she was 1 month pregnant and sought refuge in a Christian church. The church members donated monetary and material goods for her and her son. She eventually found a permanent job at the bus station as a Conductor, but still, this was not enough to sustain what they would need.

She prayed to Jesus to open doors for her and this led her to move to Tanzania. She left everything she had in Kenya and started a new life again. She worked as a dishwasher in a restaurant and joined a new church that donated to help her. After giving birth, she continued to work, go to church, and ask people for donations so she could feed her children. Later on, she worked as an English teacher in a Muslim school. Though this was not what she wanted, she still accepted the job to provide for her children.

Victoria met Bishop Lazaro and shared her story with him. She shared that her goal was to learn the Bible and share her knowledge with other people. Bishop Lazaro baptized her and introduced her to Tanzanian Missionaries. They helped her collect donations to support her dream to study the Bible. Eventually, Bishop Lazaro took her and her children to Dar es Salaam to fulfill her dreams of studying the bible and preaching the gospel.


In 2021, she went back to Tanzania to get her other children. The next year, Victoria graduated college and got her diploma in Bible Theory. She started preaching the Gospel around Tanzania and was invited by other churches to conduct seminars.


Unfortunately, her time to stay in Tanzania has come to an end, and, Victoria and her children need help. They are still waiting to be rescued or face deportation back to Somalia where they will certainly be persecuted. Her urgent message conveys the dire situation her family is facing.


VOC is actively engaged in ensuring her safety and providing basic necessities for her and her children. However, the funds required for a risky rescue operation are substantial. We estimate around $7,000 is needed to secure legal documents that would enable her to escape Tanzania and seek refuge in Uganda, a country more receptive to Christians.


We have been in contact with her for over a year, offering essential support, and we are strategizing to facilitate her escape. We believe that with God’s provision, we can make this rescue possible.  We have already filed some of the paperwork needed and are preparing to help as soon as we secure the funds and the means.


Please join us in prayer for her safety and freedom from persecution. If you feel led to contribute financially, consider becoming a monthly donor to our Rescue Campaigns, enabling us to better prepare for critical operations like this.


We will share updates with our community as things progress.

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