Persecuted Families in India


In 2023, persecution against Christians in India hit the headlines. Gangs of armed Hindu extremists went door to door and assaulted believers. They target Christian families to create fear and chaos in the Christian community.

VOC was able to recently help two Christian families in India who experienced persecution from their own families and the community. Here are their stories.



Koloi Tripura and his family are on the brink of despair. Living in a Hindu-dominated area, they have decided to embrace Christ despite the threats from radical groups. Their home is in ruins, making it unsafe to live in. With an income of just $3.00, Mr. Tripura struggles to provide food for his family. Their children, yearning for education, are unable to attend school due to their dire circumstances. While VOC has provided some food, it is not enough to sustain them for long. They urgently need a safe place to live and a stable situation.



Similarly, the Debbarma family, who recently became Christians, are facing severe repercussions. Their decision to follow Christ has led to them being ostracized by their own parents, who have taken away all their family properties. With no means to educate their children, and lacking basic necessities like clothes and shelter, their situation is dire. VOC has shared the gospel with them and encouraged them to remain steadfast in their faith despite their physical suffering.

Voice of Christians exists to help families like the Tripuri and the Debbarmas. We are here to provide support in times of faith, excitement, and fear. Your support can make a significant difference in their lives.

Please consider donating to help these families find safety, food, and education for their children. Together, we can be the hands and feet of Christ to those in desperate need.

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