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In over 50 countries, millions of Christians face discrimination, violence, and even death due to their faith.  With your support, our network can answer the cries for help with immediate, life-saving aid.  



million Christians face daily persecution and fear for their lives because of their faith ( more than the entire population of the United States )



believers were killed in 2023



churches were attacked in 2023

At Voice of Christians, we believe:

 No person should fear for their life because of their faith.

The ability to worship freely is a fundamental right, no matter where you were born or live.

The voice of persecuted Christians should be amplified worldwide.

Transforming Lives in Three Ways

using gifts from generous donors we:

We Answer Their Cry for Help

We have teams in high conflict areas that respond immediately to desperate calls for help.


We Offer a Safe Haven

Whether in one of our Living Hope Centers or through connection to a Local Church. We make sure they have a secure place to live and begin healing.



We Rebuild Broken Lives

Persecution leaves lasting physical and mental scars. We assist with counsel, language skills, job training, and most importantly– make sure they are connected in a Christian Community where they can thrive.



View Stories from Around the World

Afghan Refugees Face Continued Persecution in Pakistan.

Afghan Refugees Face Continued Persecution in Pakistan.

06.08.2024   M.K. is a single mom and former police officer with 12 years of service addressing family issues and voilence against women in Kabul. On May 9, 2018, she survived a suicide bombing at the police station when a grenade failed to explode that was...

Supporting Christians in Gaza and the West Bank

Supporting Christians in Gaza and the West Bank

5.26.2024   Our televisions, newsfeeds and conversations are full of talk about Israel and Gaza- the Jews and Muslims- right now—but what about Christians living on those areas?  They are facing extreme persecution--- from lack of employment, funds and food, to...

Testimonies Of Resilience and Hope

A brave believer from a high-risk region


Azal and his sister, once Muslim, converted to Christianity after being witnessed to by a neighbor. Disowned by their family, they endured homelessness, violence, and abuse until K John’s family took them in. For over 19 years, K John and VOC provided shelter, mentorship, and discipleship. Now married adults, they’re active in ministry, with Afzal in Malaysia and Rehana in Canada with her pastor husband. Through their testimony they have led many others to Christ.

A brave believer from a high-risk region


Urooj encountered a Christian man, accepted Christ, and married him. Facing rejection from her family, they endured financial hardship and persecution. Their faith led to targeted attacks, including the burning down of her husband’s business. Despite the challenges, they persevered and now serve as VOC field workers, overseeing a Living Hope Center in a predominantly Muslim nation.

A brave believer from a high-risk region


Naseema accepted Christ upon meeting her husband. She faced imprisonment and numerous legal battles for her conversion, resulting in the loss of custody of two children to their Muslim father. Living under constant threat, she now resides in one of our volunteer shelters in a predominantly Muslim country. Naseema continues to fight court trials and custody battles, unable to go out in public due to safety concerns.

A brave believer from a high-risk region


Sam (Hosam) grew up in the Middle East, where he encountered Christians in college and discovered Jesus’s love. Despite relocating to the United States, he faced persecution from his local community. Through the support of VOC founder K John, Sam’s faith was nurtured, equipping him with hope and strength. Despite severe opposition and threats to his life from the local Middle Eastern community in the US, Sam persevered. He survived physical persecution and now serves as a police officer, contributing to our nation’s safety.

A brave believer from a high-risk region


Roma was 14 years old when she was forcefully taken, raped, and forced into a marriage with an already married 40 year old man.  He changed her name and held her hostage, until VOC was able to help her escape.  She is currently living in one of our shelters where she receives the vital medical and mental health care she needs.  While she has a long way to go she has improved much and is even learning vital language and professional skills that will assist her in the future.

A victim of forced conversion and marriage


Zaresh, gave birth to a baby girl on December 10th, 2023, at the age of 12. VOC rescued her, provided shelter, and facilitated the baby’s adoption by a local Christian family, offering hope to both Zaresh and her daughter. Zaresh now resides in one of our volunteer shelters, receiving holistic support including physical and mental health therapies, education, skill development, and Christian mentoring.

Debra Nyanchoma
A survivor of sex trafficking


Debra Nyanchoma, is a Christian dedicated to rescuing and aiding victims, particularly those trafficked to the Middle East and forced into the sex trade. Her case was referred to us by Lantern Rescue, and we were able to rescue her, and her children, from government persecution and the criminal cartels in Kenya. Through strategic planning and God’s grace, we obtained passports, cleared her name, and relocated her to safety in Uganda. Now thriving in Uganda, Debra continues her mission, and has been able to help hundreds of young women.

*The image presented in this testimony is intended solely for illustrative purposes to enhance understanding and context.

By God’s Grace, your gifts have been multiplied.
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When you support Voice of Christians, you’re not just donating, you’re transforming lives:

  • Offer immediate and lifesaving aid to persecuted believers
  • Provide a safe haven and a beacon of hope in their darkest hour
  • Help persecuted believers rebuild their lives and regain their faith
  • Join a global community committed to standing with the persecuted
  • Leave a lasting impact, changing lives one act of kindness at a time

Begin your journey with us. Let’s rewrite the stories of persecution into tales of hope and resilience.

When Belief Becomes a Battleground, Every Prayer is a Shield