Orphans in Manipur hearing the Gospel and finding hope.




Last year’s ethnic violence in Manipur plunged the small Indian state of Manipur into a war as the two largest groups, the majority Meitei and minority Kuki, battle over land and influence. The devastating violence has seen 70 Christians killed, around 300 churches burned down, around 100 other Christian buildings (including a theological college) destroyed, and at least a thousand homes of Christians burned down.  


More than 10,000 believers are taking refuge in rescue camps set up by the army, and there are reports of many hiding in the forest areas surrounding Manipur. While Christians are not the only people affected, local sources say that they have faced ten times the persecution received by Hindus.



Christian children lost their parents, brothers, and sisters in Manipur during communal riots. They all lost their homes and are at the brim of losing their hope. They don’t have enough food, clothes, or shelter. They live in unused halls with almost nothing. They don’t receive a proper education anymore. 



It is heartbreaking to see the impact of this war on children. Left to bear the unimaginable weight of loss, fear, and trauma. Their once innocent lives were shattered by conflict, their childhoods stolen from them in the blink of an eye.



Our team preached the gospel to them and tried to give them hope and a future. Their lives matter and in order to give back hope, love, and life, we have a responsibility to them and to our Lord. Spending time with them is a matter of joy and great opportunities to have impact in their lives.


Join us to give these children hope, and a voice.


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