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I graduated from Waldron High School in south central Indiana in 1971. I went to college in Huntsville, Alabama to play basketball, but lost my passion for sports as I was introduced to the drug culture. After three years of alcohol and drug addiction, I received Jesus Christ as my personal savior and my life was transformed and continues to be transformed by the grace of God. I graduated from Bible College in 1980. Over the last 43 years, I have pastored churches in Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky, I also started and worked a drug and alcohol rehabilitation ministry at the Oak Hill Baptist Church in Somerset, Kentucky for 10 years. My wife of 46 years is Berdina Sue, and we have 10 children and 12 grandchildren. She has been my spiritual mentor and trainer these many years and I am forever grateful for her love to Jesus Christ and her continuous love to me and our family. My wife and I are enjoying our retirement years by serving in our local church through the Sunday school ministry and the local jail ministry. I also enjoy writing discipleship materials and daily devotionals.