Christians caught in Palestine & Israel War




While the world debates politics and religion, Christians in Palestine often find themselves without a voice. They suffer in silence, longing for safety, dignity, and basic human rights. Many have fled their homes, leaving everything behind. Some were not so fortunate to make it out.


Many Christians were killed and displaced both in Gaza and the West Bank, below you can find stories and events that happened to some of our beloved brethren.


The Sayegh Family: Lara, 18, and her mother were fleeing Gaza and heading into Egypt after her brother sent $5,000 from abroad to allow them to cross the border. Israel did not allow any transportation to the border and sadly, Lara collapsed and died from dehydration while walking under the scorching sun. Her mother was taken to the hospital by some kind people and received treatment for severe dehydration. Her father had passed away earlier in the church where they sought refuge, due to lack of medicine. Now Mrs. Sayegh struggles to live, without her family or any way to earn money.


Nahida and Samar Anton: a mother and daughter who were killed by an Israeli sniper in Gaza. They were taking refuge in a Church and were walking in the lobby inside the Church when a sniper shot them both. They are like so many Christians in Gaza, whose homes have been destroyed and the local church is the only refuge they have. Even there, they are not safe.


Awatef and Naem: Awatef was displaced in the war on Gaza in 2014. She and her son, Naem, fled Gaza leaving behind her husband and other children. The husband died from a rocket fire in 2014 and her children died during the same war, along with the rest of her family and relatives. Awatef was Muslim, but since then, she and her son accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. They live now in Bethlehem where they are taking refuge during the current conflict, unable to work and living again in fear for their lives.


Rami and His wife are a young couple from Bethlehem. They were on vacation in Cyprus when the war started. They had to stay at a friend’s house because the borders were closed. Rami lost his job and they decided to file for refuge in Cyprus. His wife is currently pregnant and they are working on their paperwork, but it will now take years for them and their unborn child to live a normal life as citizens.


These stories are continued and repeated for so many Christians. It is becoming really hard to live in Palestine or The West Bank. People have lost their homes, jobs and even some lost their lives.


The families are forced to migrate in order to save their children and have their simple rights and not to starve. Extremists from both sides are making it hard for Christians to live there.


The dire needs in Gaza and the West Bank are overwhelming, but one couple’s dedication is making a real impact.


Jeries and his wife Siham are missionaries in the Middle East and are field workers for VoC. Natives of Bethlehem, they had left the area briefly after the war began and were serving in Turkey, Jordan, and other countries. They have now returned to Bethlehem to be with their family and to help pray for and assist other Christians there. They are aware firsthand of many needs for simple things like clothes and underwear for children, mattresses, pillows, and of course food. They are also able to connect with Christians in Gaza and are aware of many dire needs there.




Christians in both Gaza and the West Bank are longing for safety and a better future for themselves and their families. Many are preparing to leave the country. “Bethlehem is like a prison and no one can leave the city”, said Siham. Imagine relying on tourism for your livelihood, only to see it vanish overnight. This is the struggle for Christians in Bethlehem. As a persecuted part of society, the government and other families offer them no help either.


In addition to helping believers, Jeries and Siham are sharing the gospel with Muslims in the area. Their sustained faith, amidst adversity, is shining a bright light in a very dark world. The Muslims are asking questions, listening to the Bible readings, and offering for them to come back again. Praise God for this wonderful gift of sharing the gospel with the lost.


“Bethlehem is like a prison and no one can leave the city,” says Siham.




It is saddening to see that the land of Jesus is becoming empty of His followers, due to challenges and lack of work, Christians are fleeing the land of Christ because they can’t live without dignity, jobs or safety for their children; not long ago Christians made up 40% of citizens, now we are less than 1%


Voice of Christians is working with our team locally to provide support for Christian families in Israel and Gaza. We have identified 40 families who are living under persecution and unable to work. $500 a month will provide these families with their basic needs. Our field workers Jeries and Siham Ar will be personally connecting with and helping these families.



Will you consider donating $40 a month as your contribution towards supporting 40 families in Israel? Your gift combined with others will make a world of difference for these Christians who lack the ability to work or provide for their families. Our goal- to support 40 families each month for 6 months. This will take $500/month per family, or $120,000….one dollar per family at a time.


Let us join hands in prayer for our brothers and sisters in Christ, seeking God’s protection, comfort, and peace in the midst of turmoil.  Let us continue to speak out for Christians caught in this conflict. Read more about Christians caught in conflict in Israel:

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