Charles Hucks

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Charles Hucks came to know the Lord Jesus at the age of 13. He was born again and was baptized as Jesus was in obedience to God.  In Charles’ own words “My prayer life was thrilling and reading the Bible was such a joy; It changed everything”.

Charles graduated with honors from two Bible colleges which he says gave him a firm foundation in the Bible. It also gave him a love for its harmony and precision. “With God as my faithful redeemer and friend, I have had a long and wonderful journey of discovery”

In his journey of faith, Charles has argued with God, disobeyed, struggled and despaired at different times. But, in the end, he has always found walking with Jesus is, as the old song says, “sweeter than the day before. God is faithful”

Charles has served as a pastor, teacher, and counselor. He loves photography and using Photoshop to create composites. He also loves to play chess and the piano at amateurish levels.

Charles is married to Christine, has three grown children, and six active grandchildren. He presently resides in the capital city area of North Carolina, USA. His greatest desire is to continue to be a faithful witness until Jesus returns.

Charles agrees with Francis Schaeffer on many points regarding theology, philosophy, and the Bible to give some people an idea of where he stands. And, C.S. Lewis and GK Chesterton are old friends as well. Charles believes that today’s philosophical and religious world is just as lost and mixed up as in the days of Jesus and the apostles. He insists, ” We must present Jesus and a biblical world view as the only answer that brings a person into full reconciliation with God, himself/herself, and the world. There is salvation in no other name.” (Acts 4:12)

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