Connecting the Prosperous Church to the Persecuted Church.

We connect believers across the globe in a Good Samaritan network, so we can support and minister to each other.

It starts with the desire to turn despair into HOPE, one story at a time.

We seek to partner with the local church, so that together, we can become a lifeline for the persecuted.

We respond with ACTION, not just words as we:


We have teams in high conflict areas that respond immediately to desperate calls for help.

We offer immediate and life-saving aid.


We provide a safe haven for them in our shelters or Living Hope Centers.


We provide training, community and support so that the persecuted can begin healing. We help them turn their persecution into a life-transforming passion to share Jesus with others.

We boldly say: There is no other organization doing what we do.

Join Us, become a part of our life-giving network.

Hear what VOC has meant to these persecuted believers