An Elderly man was lynched by a mob, while police stood by.




A 70-year-old Christian man, Nazir Masih, has died from severe head injuries sustained in a mob attack in Pakistan last week. The attack occurred after false accusations of blasphemy were made against him. Claims were made that he had burned pages from a Quran circulated throughout the Mujahid colony in Gillwala, a predominantly Christian community in Sargodha. His family denies the allegations, stating they are baseless. 



Masih was rescued from the mob and received treatment at a military hospital, but unfortunately succumbed to his injuries after undergoing multiple surgeries. The mob had also destroyed his home and burned down his shoe shop. The Punjab police stood by and watched, fearful to take action.  


According to local observers, hundreds of Muslims took part in the mob violence. Hundreds of people started attacking Masih’s home and shoe factory. The mob then attacked him, beating him with bricks and logs. Members of the mob also attacked police as they attempted to make arrests. The mob also attacked the ambulance as it transported Masih to the hospital.



Our field workers have connected with Masih’s family to provide aid.  Other Christians in the area are also fearful and remain in hiding. VoC will continue to fight for the rights of Christians in this supposedly tolerant country. 


Our field workers and legal team staged a protest to condemn the escalating persecution of Christians in Pakistan. The demonstration aimed to raise awareness about the growing discrimination and violence faced by the Christian minority in the country and to urge authorities to take action to ensure their safety and protection.  We have continued to pursue legal action to further the rights of Christians in Pakistan.



Please pray for Christians in this region.  May Masih’s story create cause for change in legal rulings, and may the courts again hold true to Pakistan’s long-held standing to be a place for religious tolerance. 

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