Afghan Refugees Face Continued Persecution in Pakistan.



M.K. is a single mom and former police officer with 12 years of service addressing family issues and voilence against women in Kabul. On May 9, 2018, she survived a suicide bombing at the police station when a grenade failed to explode that was thrown into the room she was sheltering in. During the attack, a colleague suggested to pray to Jesus, which she did, and she believes He allowed the miracle to happen, which saved her life. She later went on to accept Christ and begin studying the Bible.


M.K with her three children.


When the Taliban took over Afghanistan, she was in danger- both as a police officer of the former government and also as a Christian. The family – she and her three children- went into hiding, and during that time her son was beaten badly by mobs. They later fled to Pakistan in October of 2022 and found Bible Studies and fellowships to participate in.


Sadly, the family would again face persecution for being Christian- this time in Pakistan- a nation that claims to be tolerant but is increasingly hostile.


One of M.K.’s daughters.


M.K. reached out to VoC after her daughter was the target of a planned hit-and-run attack. As she was biking, she was struck down and sustained great injuries to her leg. The family had no money to pay for the needed medical care or even most of their basic needs.


M.K.’s daughter’s injuries.


Thanks to the support from VoC, their hospital bills were taken care of and they have been relocated to a safer place. Unfortunately, they now face deportation back to Afghanistan, where they will certainly be persecuted or killed. This is just one of many heartbreaking stories that highlight the relentless persecution Afghan Christians face, regardless of where they are. Please keep them in your prayers.

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